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The Best Bathroom Design Ideas


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Are you looking for fresh ideas to redesign your bathroom? Maybe this article is the answer of your search. Today, several pictures we compile to keep you inspired about the latest bathroom trends. Here are some cool bathrooms that you can take as references to update your style. Enjoy!Inspirational Bathroom Photos

The opening design is very impressive with its retro touches. The classy bathroom wall combines white shades of paint and brown wooden wainscoting with raised panel accents. The wall also shows an elegant square bathroom mirror with black frame. The retro furniture of this bathroom combines an artsy white pedestal sink and a classic white toilet. Furthermore, the white floor of this bathroom showcases unique black geometric pattern. In the corner, a retro iron bathroom bench looks sophisticated too.

The next one is this refreshing green bathroom design. This bathroom trend uses green ceramic tiles that are applied on the wall. When you look at the bathroom ceiling, you may see brilliant work of brick and wood logs combination. Moving on to the shower area, it has frameless shower door made from tempered glass. The shower room floor serves earthy slate tiles in gray tone. Overall, the natural materials and the calm color scheme make this bathroom a relaxing place.

This purple bathroom becomes the next design we offer to you. The wall is elegantly painted in full purple tone. On this wall, the big bathroom wall cabinets have mirrored doors that also serve as bathroom mirrors. Under it, a long white bathroom sink promotes modern lines and simple design. This sink vanity is in harmony with the modern bathtub beside it. Then, the wood floor has a round purple shag rug that fits nicely with the purple theme. In the far corner, the owner put some greenery to make more soothing situation.

In the fourth image, a vintage bathroom interior is displayed. It shows nice wall treatment by combining floral wallpaper and white wood wainscoting. The dressing space promotes a white dressing table with marble countertop. The big mirror above this table has two rustic wall sconces with bronze material and glass lampshades.

The last design trend for you is quite unique. It has massive wood elements that create warm nuance and traditional outlook. The wall shows marvelous wall panels with rustic texture. There are some wooden wall shelves with greenery as well. It’s a very tranquil bathroom trend that you can try.

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